Are you a football fan? Do you think you know all the good players in the big leagues? Game Of Coach is for you.

Every week you have the opportunity to draft your dream team and earn points every time each of your players performs well in the real game. The total of your points will be compared to those of other Game Of Coach members like you and only the ones with the highest number of points will be rewarded with big prizes!

Game Of Coach gives you the opportunity to enjoy soccer games from a different perspective.

If you want to know more about how players win points, please visit the “POINTS SYSTEM” section.


The points earned by each coach are calculated based on the position of the players he has selected in his team and the actions they perform during their matches. For full details, click here (<Points System>).

At the end of the last match of the contest, the coaches whose team has collected the most points will be declared the winners.

At the start of each contest, a virtual budget of 100,000 euro is allocated to you in order to create your team. You must then choose your players from the list available and according to this budget. Depending on the tactic you choose, your team must have a goalkeeper, 3 to 5 defenders, 3 to 5 midfielders, and 1 to 3 attackers (up to 11 players). You must also select 4 substitutes (1 Goalkeeper, 1 Defender, 1 Midfielder, 1 Stricker).

You must have a selection of 15 players (11 + 4 substitutes) in order to be able to participate in a contest.

Among your players, you must choose a captain who will see his points doubled at the end of the contest. So choose wisely who will be your captain in order to get maximum points.

You can draft as many teams as the contest allows you.

Some contests will allow you to draft 3 or even 5 teams in order to increase your chances to win.

You can make as many changes to your team as you want before the start of a Game Of Coach contest. Game Of Coach contests close 30 minutes before the official start of the first scheduled match.

You cannot consult the teams of other coaches so that everyone can keep their player choices secret! However, it is possible once the contest has already started.